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  • The five characteristics of masterbatch determine the user's choice

    1. Good dispersibility. Masterbatch is a composite made of colorant and specific additives through special processing. In the process of preparing the color masterbatch, the colorant has been well pre-dispersed, which can avoid the existence of coarse colorant particles, thereby preventing the appearance of color points in the colored plastic products; at the same time, the color masterbatch and the plastic particles It is easy to mix evenly. When the masterbatch is used for coloring, the uniformity of the color of plastic products is also better.

    2. Convenient to use Because the mixing performance between the masterbatch and the plastic particles is good, common common mixing equipment or even manual mixing can be used to make them uniformly mixed, which is very convenient for application.

    3. It is helpful to reduce the color difference of plastic products. In addition to the colorant, the color masterbatch also contains carriers and other additives. Therefore, the amount of color masterbatch added in the unit plastic is more than that of ordinary colorants. The relative error of measurement is small, which helps to reduce the color difference during coloring.

    4. The working conditions are better. Color masterbatch is used. The colorant has been combined with the carrier and other additives and made into granular form. It will not fly during the metering and mixing processing, so it will not pollute the environment. Compared with dry coloring, Greatly improved working conditions.

    5. It is very convenient to change colors. Coloring with masterbatch will not pollute the mixing equipment. When changing colors, you can save the work of cleaning the mixing equipment. Compared with dry coloring and paste coloring, it saves time and saves time. The advantages of labor.