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  • The role of masterbatch in plastic bottles
    A new type of masterbatch has the performance and functions of the number, and can show good use value in the production of plastic bottles. Because the color masterbatch adopts Formula X PET technology, the product can be directly fed into the extruder without pre-drying. The metallic colors that the new masterbatch can provide include deep purple, blue-green, green onion, lemon, lead yellow and lake blue. If you use a polished mold for processing, or add it to a resin with good gloss, such as PET or HDPE, the effect of the masterbatch will be more obvious. In addition, the masterbatch can also be added to materials such as PP, PS, PC, ABS and nylon. The addition of color masterbatch can ensure the gloss and aesthetics of the plastic bottle, so that the user has a good effect in use. Masterbatch can be added not only to plastic bottles, but also to other substances to increase the performance and value of raw materials. This new type of masterbatch can give plastic bottles a glossy appearance of aluminum. According to reports, the material's gloss and texture are similar to those of metal, but at a lower cost. The new masterbatch has a good embodiment in the production of plastic bottles, realizes that plastic bottles have good gloss, has certain advantages in appearance, and ensures a good effect in use