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  • What factors can cause the color masterbatch to fade?

    The application range of color masterbatch is very wide. As long as it is plastic, it is basically needed. Sometimes when it is used, due to various reasons, the color fade phenomenon occurs, which not only affects product performance, but also Affect the coloring effect, so what are the main factors that cause the color masterbatch to fade?
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    1. The light resistance of the colorant directly affects the fading of the product. For outdoor products exposed to strong light, the light resistance level of the colorant used is an important indicator. The light resistance level is poor, and the product will quickly fade during use. Adding light stabilizers such as ultraviolet absorbers to the masterbatch can improve the light resistance of colorants and colored plastic products.
    2. The degree of thermal weight loss, discoloration and fading of the color masterbatch under processing temperature.
    3. The color masterbatch organic pigments undergo macromolecular degradation or other changes after oxidation and gradually fade. One is high temperature oxidation, and the other is oxidation when encountering strong oxidants.
    4. The fading of colored plastic products is related to the chemical resistance of the colorant.